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Grit Bin Policy

  1. Ayrshire Roads Alliance shall provide grit bins for self-help by members of the public. These shall be sited locally in accordance with this policy.
  2. The location of Community grit bins and other grit bins will be recorded in an electronic database and are available on the Ayrshire Roads Alliance website.
  3. Grit bins shall only be located where the following criteria are met:
    • The location is not on a precautionary carriageway Priority or Secondary route;
    • The gradient is greater than 1 in 15, or at a junction with a known history of accidents;
    • The location shall not obstruct the passage of pedestrians, a minimum of 1.3m clearance on the footway is required;
    • The location is within the boundary of the public road. The Ayrshire Roads Alliance will not provide grit bins in private areas or car parks for internal use by either the Council or any other public or private property such as schools, parks, hospitals, residential care homes etc. unless a service level agreement is in place.
    • The location shall not obstruct sightlines;
    • The location is not within 200m of another grit bin location.
    • The location is within an urban area.
  4. A request will not be accepted unless a location to site the grit bin has been agreed. Therefore, even if the criterion for locating a grit bin is met, none will be provided if the adjacent neighbours cannot agree a position.
  5. Grit bins will only be located where they can be filled from a lorry. The grit bins shall be replenished at the start of the Winter Period and on a monthly cycle during the Winter Period, as resources permit.
  6. Grit bins will generally be left in place during the summer months, unless there is a history of vandalism at a particular location.
  7. Requests for grit bins must be submitted by using the following application form or by contacting 01563 503160 to request a copy to be posted.
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